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Hello! This journal is now friends only. I do friend back VERY willingly!
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Hello and hi! I've been away for too long, I know, and I'm sorry! Be assured I've been lurking this whole time, reading all the posts on my flist and tumblr and twitter, I just have been...not posty.

I have lots to say about what's been happening in my life (moved out of the in-laws! bought a townhouse! my parents came to visit! homesickness of varying degrees!) but as per usual, I have something important I want to talk about.

MICHAEL FASSBENDER IS AN ASSHOLE. I know I'm talking to the choir here and I know that there are many many people on my flist who are reading this and going 'what? who? I know all the words you're saying but not the context and am confused' -- DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT GUYS. The short form is that he is in the new X-Men movie and as per FANDOM, an RPF fandom is SPRINGING UP around him and his co-star James 'Mr Tumnus' McAvoy.

I'm not saying don't ship the characters! THAT IS NOT AT ALL MY POINT. My point is, if you are into the Real Person Fic thing (believe me, I'm not judging) then PLEASE BE AWARE that Michael Fassbender alledgedly beat up his girlfriend, breaking her nose, blowing out her kneecap and bursting an ovarian cyst. Like, whatever floats your boat, but I don't want to float my boat on the waves of celebrating or condoning an abusive asshole. That would in fact put a hole in my boat.

Yes, that metaphor sunk a little at the end there but still. And I'm pretty unimpressed with the people I've seen who have had it brought to their attention and have then dismissed it with a textual wave of the hand. There's been a lot of talk lately in my little corner of tumblr, twitter and El Jay about the things that contribute to a culture of oppression and repression and I have to say, being able, being willing and being complicit in the erasure of assholery by people with lots of privilege (does that hang together well? I don't know, I home from work with allergies and it's still early in the morning here) is pretty shitty. Whether you're saying 'oh, but THIS TIME it's ok to ignore A B or C' or you're telling other people it was just a joke, that person didn't mean it like that or whatever, every time it makes it harder for people to say NOPE NOT OK.

I know that everyone's got their stuff and sometimes you just want to kick back and relax with your favourite fic/tv show/pic spam/etc but nothing comes for free. There are always going to be things you have to compromise on, the bad you have to take with the good and this is pretty bad. It's pretty damn bad, you guys.
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So, just to add: from the mods at [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction

"We are running a Multi Fandom auction with all winning bids going towards the victims of the Queensland Floods here @ [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction . The auction will run until 11:59pm (Australian Eastern Daylights Savings Time) on Wednesday, 26th January 2011. We hope to see some of you over there."

Check it out! Bid, donate, write, whatever!


Dec. 15th, 2010 12:18 pm
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Thank you SO MUCH for offering to write for my fandoms! I will hopefully come back and expand further, but for know, here is my Yuletide signup thing, reproduced!

Vampire Diaries, Ballet Shoes, Peep Show )

Ok, what.

Sep. 23rd, 2010 01:29 pm
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Look, I am really happy that bandom is getting going again and I am REALLY happy that my friends are happy about their band moving and making music and everything.

BUT. Here is the thing. If one is a member of [historically and/or currently opressed minority] and uses a word or phrase that has commonly, historically and currently been used against [historically and/or currently opressed minority] in order to shame, hurt and control [historically and/or currently opressed minority] based on the appearance, physicality, sexuality, religion, history, etc etc etc etc of [historically and/or currently opressed minority], then that is reclaiming a word or phrase. That is taking the power away from the people who are trying to hurt you.

When someone uses a word or phrase who is NOT part of [historically and/or currently opressed minority]? That is not reclamation. I don't give a shit how much of an 'ally' you say you are or if you're being ironic or if your fans interpret your words as jokes. Don't. Care. You are being a bigoted asshole and I don't want to know you.

I love my MCR flisters, a whole big lot. But I am seeing lots of statements like 'you're being too sensitive!' 'you are over reacting!' 'separate the music from the people making it!' UM NOPE. I can't. I'm glad that you can compartmentalize, but I can't. And this might make me sound like a 'holier than thou' asshole, but I'm trying really hard to walk the walk. I'm trying not to let the things that don't touch me personally slide. I don't want to be an asshole and I don't want to support people who act like assholes.

(oh, btw, I'm not talking about posts on my flist. If you were doing that, I would not have you on my flist! So I guess this is kind of an exercise in futility, keeping this locked.)
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Ok, this is going to be short because I am in happy land and don't have time to get into it all plus you know, ON VACATION, so trying to be calm and relaxed BUT:

[Bad username or site: slashxyouxup* @ livejournal.com]: the [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo Frank/Gerard fic you wrote where (to quote from the summary)Frank and Gerard are two American soldiers in WWII, captured by the Nazi’s and taken to a concentration camp for homosexuals. is INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE. Both just OFFENSIVE FOR LIFE and to me personally, as the descendant of Holocaust survivors. Your 'warning', appended apparently AFTER this was called to your attention: This piece of fiction is not 100% historically correct, nor did I ever intend it to be. Below is an image of Auchwitz gates, not because this is set there but because of the words upon those gates. I did not write this to be disrespectful to anyone, nor did I write this just as an excuse for slash. I put everything I had in to writing this and wracked my brain for weeks trying to get it perfect. If you do not wish to read a fiction surrounding this subject, even though there are warnings, then do not scroll down. Do not tell me I am sick and disrespectful. If people can write about rape, incest and domestic abuse (which has happened to billions of people) then I can write about WWII, and anything from that time. If you feel the need to post about how wrong and twisted and disrespectful I am, please join [livejournal.com profile] fuckyou_mcr and stay out of this post. This post is for people to appreciate my writing and I will accept any constructive critisism on my writing. does not alleviate the terrible choice you made to write this.

The amount of time you put into this is totally irrelevant to me. I DON'T CARE. You were wrong to write this. You have since locked the entry and were clearly unwilling to listen and/or engage before, so I am putting this publicly: WHAT YOU DID WAS SHITTY AND WRONG.
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[livejournal.com profile] vom_marlowe has an excellent post and links round up here about the incredibly ablist and unthinking accessibility!fail currently going down around VVC.

Didn't we go though something rather similar to this last year, at least in regards to the triggers warnings? And is it seriously so exhausting to have to stop and go "oh hey, just because this con is easy and accessible for ME, doesn't mean it is for everyone. How can we learn and grown from this?"

I'm going to repeat something I said a lot last week: all people are people. All people deserve to be treated like people. The words you use and the actions you take, whether on-line or off, make it very clear how you view others.

SERIOUSLY GUYS: let's just treat others how we would want to be treated. Let's try and think and view other people as people.
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ALRIGHTY THEN. Hello! My name is Sarah and we are going to Talk About Some Things. Those of you who were here yesterday (warning: brief yet graphic description of rape) remember that there was some seriously offensive behavior happening! (I'll let you go catch up, my post I've linked has the two posts linked that are the start of this)

Now, [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany has updated here, as well as edited her initial post here. I'm going to go THROUGH that post of hers, as well as the edited post, in this post, which pisses me off for two reasons: a) the content of that post is pretty damn offensive and b) this means I have to read it carefully over AGAIN, point by point, which is only going to make me more angry. But! I do it for you, and so that we can Talk About This.

Note: I have no expectation that this post will do anything to sway either [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany or her friends. They have shown that they are not interested in discussion by either ignoring points brought up by commentors in [livejournal.com profile] sinuous_curve's post, by derailing, or by disabling/deleting comments. (Also note: Derailing for Dummies is NOT a how-to) I will not be deleting comments that might pop up here, I will of course allow anonymous commenting, but I will screen/freeze trolling comments. I also will warn and cut for language I see as triggering; if I miss something let me know.

Let's Go!

Let's start with the edit, which I'll c&p under the cut for posterity: I have my doubts as to how long this will all be left up, so better safe than sorry )

Whew. Ok, now on to the post made today. The majority of it is general Cult of Nice bullshit. There is also a very telling statement (The antics of the hamsters running on their wheel have nothing to do with me. (Except when they make me shake my head in incredulity and say, "...what?????" - but even that's getting old.) But the people who read my stories and enjoy them, you guys I appreciate; so drop me a line, and I will definitely be in touch once I shake things down.)

I personally am not bothered if she leaves her stories up or takes them down. I'm not going to judge the quality of her writing, that's not the point here. The point is the offensive comments made, the unwillingness to confront her own actions, and the violence in her language.


ETA: I am away for the weekend! Family time and planning and etc. Please feel free to link this, please feel free to discuss in the comments. Please do not troll yourself or others, please feel free to post anonymously, please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle.
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ATTN: This post is going to be public for a week or so only, since my paperwork is going in for the big move soon. But I don't want to be accused of wanking in private or anything.

Just a hint: one post, talking about the issues the poster has with a story, in the poster's OWN JOURNAL, in order to let the member's of that LJ-er's flist know about issues in a fic that may be triggering or offensive, is not in any way "a fucking gang-rape." (Direct quote from the link. Warning: the following paragraph at that link contains language that may be triggering.)

cut for triggering language )

This is in response to ONE POST by [livejournal.com profile] sinous_curve. There is no mob here. There was one post by one person who was personally offended. I am also personally offended. I am cis-gendered, but I am also a human. I too started reading that fic and could not finish it. I did not comment on the post, because I didn't want to spend any more time dealing with that issue, or that fic. But Being able to walk away and not deal with it is a level of privilege I need to address. So I'm saying: that fic was problematic, to say the least. The assumption that [livejournal.com profile] sinuous_curve a) had a responsibility to alert [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany to hir post on the fic and" b) had a responsibility to tell [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany all the ways in which the fic was offensive.

What about [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany's responsibility to do some research first? What about [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany's responsibility to avoid using misogynistic situations and characterizations in order to propel her plot, without properly ensuring that she does (and the reader is meant to, as she says in her post) indeed view those situations and characterizations as problematic? What about [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany's responsibility to ensure that she takes the criticism of her betas and her readers to heart, and tries to learn and grow?

Now, as to the language used in her post: WHAT THE HELL. That is so far out of line. There is never ever any time when you should compare ONE POST (at the time of that post, as far as I know, and please correct me if I'm wrong) addressing LEGITIMATE CONCERNS to being violently sexually assaulted. End. Full stop. I don't feel like I need to say much more, because THAT IS WRONG. You are WRONG and OUT OF LINE, [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany, and I am personally offended. Often on LJ and during these type of discussions, people (and I include myself in this) tend to take an objective position in order to present reaction without emotional attachment. Well, I don't think being emotional or personal about this makes my reaction any less valid. I am personally offended. This is an offensive thing to have said. You, personally, [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany, have done something offensive.

ETA: In the interests of full disclosure, I did let [livejournal.com profile] sinuous_curve know about this entry before it went up but as [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany says in her post that "An email to me@randomepiphany.com may reach me, but I doubt I'll answer. Meanwhile, I'm out of here.", I figured I wouldn't waste my time. Just FYI.
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