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Hello and hi! I've been away for too long, I know, and I'm sorry! Be assured I've been lurking this whole time, reading all the posts on my flist and tumblr and twitter, I just have been...not posty.

I have lots to say about what's been happening in my life (moved out of the in-laws! bought a townhouse! my parents came to visit! homesickness of varying degrees!) but as per usual, I have something important I want to talk about.

MICHAEL FASSBENDER IS AN ASSHOLE. I know I'm talking to the choir here and I know that there are many many people on my flist who are reading this and going 'what? who? I know all the words you're saying but not the context and am confused' -- DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT GUYS. The short form is that he is in the new X-Men movie and as per FANDOM, an RPF fandom is SPRINGING UP around him and his co-star James 'Mr Tumnus' McAvoy.

I'm not saying don't ship the characters! THAT IS NOT AT ALL MY POINT. My point is, if you are into the Real Person Fic thing (believe me, I'm not judging) then PLEASE BE AWARE that Michael Fassbender alledgedly beat up his girlfriend, breaking her nose, blowing out her kneecap and bursting an ovarian cyst. Like, whatever floats your boat, but I don't want to float my boat on the waves of celebrating or condoning an abusive asshole. That would in fact put a hole in my boat.

Yes, that metaphor sunk a little at the end there but still. And I'm pretty unimpressed with the people I've seen who have had it brought to their attention and have then dismissed it with a textual wave of the hand. There's been a lot of talk lately in my little corner of tumblr, twitter and El Jay about the things that contribute to a culture of oppression and repression and I have to say, being able, being willing and being complicit in the erasure of assholery by people with lots of privilege (does that hang together well? I don't know, I home from work with allergies and it's still early in the morning here) is pretty shitty. Whether you're saying 'oh, but THIS TIME it's ok to ignore A B or C' or you're telling other people it was just a joke, that person didn't mean it like that or whatever, every time it makes it harder for people to say NOPE NOT OK.

I know that everyone's got their stuff and sometimes you just want to kick back and relax with your favourite fic/tv show/pic spam/etc but nothing comes for free. There are always going to be things you have to compromise on, the bad you have to take with the good and this is pretty bad. It's pretty damn bad, you guys.
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