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Sep. 23rd, 2010 01:29 pm
watershoes: (grumpy stick person)
Look, I am really happy that bandom is getting going again and I am REALLY happy that my friends are happy about their band moving and making music and everything.

BUT. Here is the thing. If one is a member of [historically and/or currently opressed minority] and uses a word or phrase that has commonly, historically and currently been used against [historically and/or currently opressed minority] in order to shame, hurt and control [historically and/or currently opressed minority] based on the appearance, physicality, sexuality, religion, history, etc etc etc etc of [historically and/or currently opressed minority], then that is reclaiming a word or phrase. That is taking the power away from the people who are trying to hurt you.

When someone uses a word or phrase who is NOT part of [historically and/or currently opressed minority]? That is not reclamation. I don't give a shit how much of an 'ally' you say you are or if you're being ironic or if your fans interpret your words as jokes. Don't. Care. You are being a bigoted asshole and I don't want to know you.

I love my MCR flisters, a whole big lot. But I am seeing lots of statements like 'you're being too sensitive!' 'you are over reacting!' 'separate the music from the people making it!' UM NOPE. I can't. I'm glad that you can compartmentalize, but I can't. And this might make me sound like a 'holier than thou' asshole, but I'm trying really hard to walk the walk. I'm trying not to let the things that don't touch me personally slide. I don't want to be an asshole and I don't want to support people who act like assholes.

(oh, btw, I'm not talking about posts on my flist. If you were doing that, I would not have you on my flist! So I guess this is kind of an exercise in futility, keeping this locked.)


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