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Thank you SO MUCH for offering to write for my fandoms! I will hopefully come back and expand further, but for know, here is my Yuletide signup thing, reproduced!

Vampire Diaries

Oh Vampire Diaries. I love this show way too much. Basically, I'm ok with anything, but I love how bad ass both Elena and Caroline are, so anything that showcases THAT is A++ with me. And I also really enjoy Damon Learning To Have Feelings. And I enjoy a Silly Adventure too! So basically, I'm up for anything.

Ballet Shoes

I just want to know what happens NEXT and how Pauline does in Hollywood and how Petrova does in Flight School and how often they hear from Posy and what things are like now that GUM is back and how the doctors get on and what Sylvia is up to now that she has more time for her! Whew.

Peep Show

One of the things I love about Peep Show is the INEVITABILITY of everything -- with everything that happens, there never is really a moment where these characters would say 'stop' -- their personalities are such that they are always going to end up getting married when they don't want to or eating a dog. I just want more of that same feeling and I am open to anything.

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